Tips For Purchasing A Wheelchair Accessible Van

Whether you are the caregiver to a family member who uses a wheelchair or you are in a wheelchair yourself, purchasing a wheelchair van can make transportation much easier. But buying a wheelchair van should not be done on a whim-- it is a major purchase and you will need to make sure that you find a van that has the features to suit your lifestyle. Use the following tips to buy a van that is wheelchair accessible:

Establish a Budget

If you are interested in buying a van that already has all of the equipment to make it wheelchair accessible, you will need to know how much you can afford to spend. In most cases, a wheelchair accessible van is more expensive than buying a regular van. Depending on your budget, high-quality used wheelchair vans may be a better option. Most cities have dealerships that offer both brand new and used wheelchair vans.

Determine What Kind Of Entry You Want

Wheelchair accessible vans are equipped with ramps or lifts that allow a person in a wheelchair easy entry into the van. These types of vans usually have either a side-door entry or a rear-door entry. Many people prefer a wheelchair van with a side-door entry, as it allows a person in a wheelchair to have access to the front portion of the passenger cabin. A side-door entry is also required if the person who uses the wheelchair will be driving the van. Some larger types of wheelchairs will require a van that allows access through the rear door.

Visit an Accredited Dealer

If you're making a big investment in a wheelchair accessible van, it is important to visit an accredited who understands how to assist people in selecting the best van for their individual needs. It is highly recommended that you visit a dealer that is accredited by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association  when shopping for a wheelchair van. Dealers who make the effort to become accredited are usually the best in their field and take selling quality wheelchair vans very serious.

Understand the Warranty

When you purchase a wheelchair van, it is important to have a great warranty on the vehicle itself as well as the mobility equipment that makes the van easily accessible for a person in a wheelchair. Before completing your purchase, make sure you carefully review the warranty, understand its terms, and know exactly what the warranty covers.