You're There To Help: Why Your Tow Truck Needs an Emergency Light Bar

When you operate a tow truck, you're constantly on alert for an emergency – whether an accident or a car stuck on the side of a busy highway. Once you receive a call, the adrenaline kicks in, especially when you're not sure what you're going to find when you arrive. You know that when you arrive, you need to make sure that everyone involved – including yourself – is safe and secure while you try to do your job. Before every shift, you probably make sure that your truck is equipped with everything you'll need to do your job safely and efficiently. However, if your truck doesn't have a tow truck light bar, you're missing a key piece of equipment. Here are three reasons why a light bar is an essential piece of equipment for your tow truck.

Ensures Vehicle Visibility

Whether you're responding to a call for assistance during the day or night, you need to make sure that your tow truck is visible at all times. This becomes particularly important when you're responding to a call in the middle of the night or in weather that causes low visibility. You need to make sure that oncoming vehicles are able to see you in time to react. That's where the light bar comes in handy. Tow truck light bars provide bright, LED lighting, which means your truck will be visible from a long distance away, providing drivers with plenty of time to react. You can choose from single-color white lighting, or multi-color emergency lighting for your light bar.

Provides Traffic Direction

When you're providing assistance on a busy highway, you need to make sure that drivers know how to get around you, whether you're on the side of the road or parked in the middle of the highway. Without an active light bar, there really isn't an effective way to direct traffic, other than to hope that drivers see which direction to go in enough time to maneuver safely. However, if you have a light bar installed on your tow truck, you can use it to provide traffic directions. One of the benefits of a light bar is that it can be programmed to light towards the right, the left, or from the middle. The sequence lighting will alert drivers to the direction they should take to get around your tow truck.

Ensures Emergency Notification

When you're responding to an emergency, every second counts. You need to know that you can get through traffic quickly and safely. By turning your emergency light bar on, you'll alert drivers to the fact that you're responding to an emergency situation. Not only will this allow drivers to move over and let you pass, but it will also let them know that there may be an emergency situation further up the road that they'll need to watch for.