Expensive Auto Repairs You Might Avoid Through Routine Repair And Maintenance

It's frustrating and even potentially dangerous when your car breaks down or won't start. While things can go wrong with cars unexpectedly, some car problems can be prevented through regular maintenance and repairs. Here are some costly repairs you might be able to avoid by having routine work done on your car.

Damage Caused By Worn-Out Brakes

You can tell when your brakes are getting worn out because they start to make unusual noises. Your brakes may squeal at first, and then the noise may sound like grinding metal. You don't want to put off having new brake pads put on or you could cause damage to the rotors or calipers once the brakes are worn down. Repairing damaged caused by worn-out brakes is much more expensive than simply replacing the brake pads. Worn brakes could even affect the suspension of your car or wear out your tires so that you need to replace the tires too.

Engine Overheating Caused By A Radiator Leak

A radiator leak can be an annoying problem, but it can also be a serious threat to your car's engine. The fluid in the radiator circulates through the engine to keep it cool so it can operate. When the fluid gets low because of a leak, the engine can overheat. When this happens, you may see steam billow out from under the hood and your car may stop running. When an engine overheats, the excess heat can cause a lot of damage that is expensive to fix. Repairing a radiator leak is much less costly, so you'll want to have it done as soon as you realize you have a leak rather than filling the fluid and still driving.

Engine Damage From Skipped Oil Changes

It might not be fun to take your car to the shop regularly for an oil change, but skipping oil changes could harm your car. The oil in your engine keeps parts lubricated so they can glide smoothly. However, oil isn't expected to last forever. The heat in your engine causes it to break down, and the oil gets thick and full of debris when it's old. Thick oil can't lubricate the moving parts as well, and they start grinding against each other. When that happens, parts in the engine are damaged. This could lead to costly auto repairs that could have been prevented by having your oil changed on schedule.

Your car may need repairs over its lifetime that you can do little to prevent. However, if you can prevent the need for costly repairs through routine repairs and maintenance, then it's wise to do so. Regular car service will help you get better gas mileage, and it prolongs the life and resale value of your car.

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