3 Guidelines For Buying And Owning Truck And SUV Running Boards

Because trucks and SUVs sit high off of the ground, you will need to add some provisions that will make your vehicle more comfortable and useful to you as a whole. Buying running boards provides you an excellent opportunity to add to your vehicle in such a way. Running boards are the foot steps and supports that are installed at the bottom of door jambs to aid drivers in getting in and out, or loading and unloading items. [Read More]

Tips For Purchasing A Wheelchair Accessible Van

Whether you are the caregiver to a family member who uses a wheelchair or you are in a wheelchair yourself, purchasing a wheelchair van can make transportation much easier. But buying a wheelchair van should not be done on a whim-- it is a major purchase and you will need to make sure that you find a van that has the features to suit your lifestyle. Use the following tips to buy a van that is wheelchair accessible: [Read More]

Big Snow Storm Coming Up? 3 Tips To Get Your Car Ready

If you have a big snow storm on the way, you need to make sure your car is ready for it. This will ensure you can drive to your work, school, etc., without having to worry about getting in an accident or breaking down. Below are three tips to help you get started with this. Get New Tires If the tires on your car are old, you need to get new ones before the winter storm hits. [Read More]

Don't Get Snow Ditched: 3 Winter Tips For Your Car

During the snowy season, getting stuck in a ditch is much more likely because of ice on the roads and deep snow. Once you get stuck in snow piled up in a ditch in the road, it's much more challenging to get out. This is why you will want to consider these three tips to avoid "getting ditched:" Take Care of the Small Things: Before the winter season arrives, you are going to want to take care of the small things, which includes changing the windshield wipers. [Read More]